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When you are creating a business, one of the most important things you can do is develop your brand. One of our personal favorite parts of creating a brand is getting to pick the brand elements aka your design elements such as your logo, colours, fonts and graphics. 

It is important that everything about your brand is consistent and shares the same core message. When you are choosing your design elements you want to make sure that they do a good job representing your brand’s mission, vision and story. 

Create a brand that represents who you are as a company.

For example if you have a fitness company you might want to choose bold, bright colours like yellows or oranges that can help to make people feel good and enegric.

However, if you own a counseling practice, you might choose colours that make people feel calm and safe, like light blues and greens.  

No matter what your business is, use these tips to help you pick your brand elements.

Define your brand 

The first thing you are going to want to do before looking at logos, colours, fonts and graphics is to take the time to define and develop your brand. You need to clearly lay out what your brand is, what it does, what your goals are, who you audience and how you are going to accomplish your goals. 

Knowing these details about your brand is going to lay the foundation for you, so you can create one clear message and choose design elements that fit that message. 

Use Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great place to look up some ideas for your design elements. Once you do your research and get an idea of what could work for your brand, take some time to brainstorm with Pinterest. Great a board and start pinning ideas that you think could work with your brand. 

For example if you think that blue is a good base colour for your brand, hop on Pinterest and search for blue colour palettes. If you think that a typewriter font could work best for you brand, search for some options and fonts that can pair well with it. 

Create a mood board 

If you don’t like the idea of creating a digital mood board with Pinterest, take some time to make a physical one. You can gather materials and colours and paste them on to a board, or cut out photos from magazines that you think could represent your brand well. 

Think about your audience NOT your personal favourites

The most important thing to remember when you are picking your design elements is that you need to choose ones that your audience will enjoy and be drawn to. It is not about creating a design that is your favourite, it needs to be your audience’s favourite. Your brand is not about you, it is always about your audience. 

If you need more help developing your brand, contact us and we can help you to create a brand strategy. 

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