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Content Marketing Tips And Spring Cleaning Checklist

Hello Spring! Spring is here and it is time for you to do some spring cleaning for your brand. Scroll down and use our marketing spring cleaning checklist and our spring content marketing tips to help you get your brand ready for the rest of the year. 

Content Marketing Tips And Spring Cleaning Checklist

Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Check your website. Is it user-friendly? Is it mobile friendly? Does it look appealing to my audience? 
  2. Dive into your metrics. Take some time to look at your analytics and see how well your past campaigns have been working. Go through everything, you website analytics, social media, email campaigns etc. See what is and isn’t working for you and make the necessary changes. 
  3. Have a look at your branding. Does it reflect your vision and purpose for your company? Have you been clearly showing your brand to your audience? 
  4. Are you on track to make your goals? If yes, great! If no, how can you 
  5. Look at your audience. Is your audience the best fit for your product and services? Is our audience connecting with your content? Put out a survey and get your audience’s opinion on the content you are creating.

Spring Content Marketing Tips 

Stand out from the crowd 

How does your brand stand out from the crowd? With all the content that your target audience will see on a daily basis, this needs to be the question you are asking yourself often. Your product and services do not have to be super unique, BUT how you market them needs to be unique enough to capture the attention of your desired audience. So, how does your brand stand out from the crowd?


Evolve your marketing strategy 

One of the biggest mistakes that we see brands doing, is not evolving their marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is not just something that you create once, and you keep using it for the rest of your marketing life. A good marketing strategy needs to be revised and updated as often as possible.

As you push your content out there and you start collecting data and feedback, use it to make your strategy more effective. See what is working and build on it. Take what isn’t working and change it. This needs to be a habit that you are getting into regularly. 

Stay up-to-date with platform changes, and make sure you tweaking your marketing plan to reflect best practices for the platforms you are using. 

Be real, be honest

Authenticity is huge in 2022. People, including your customers and clients, want brands to be more real. Take time to brainstorm ways that you can use your content to show a more honest and vulnerable side of your business. You don’t need to be this untouchable brand, you need to be real.

We hope that these spring content marketing tips help you with your marketing. If you need more help, work with our marketing agency. Click here to book a consultation now.

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