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Why you need to be using more video in 2021
If you don’t already use video in your marketing strategy, you need to make video a priority in 2022. If you have already been using video in your marketing strategy, you need to be using more video in 2022. Over the past few years, video has been on the rise and as we dive into 2022 it is only becoming more popular and popular.

Why Use Video In 2022?

Studies show that people respond better to video than other forms of content. From tutorial videos, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, reels, Tik Tok’s, IGTV, stories, etc. video has really taken over the content marketing world.
The more your company embraces video the more success you’re going to actually see with your marketing strategies in 2022. This means that you’re going to see an increase in sales, traffic to your website and any other conversion that you are wanting.

 Human Connection 

Using video will not only increase your conversion rate but it can help your audience to better connect with your brand. One of the biggest reasons why video allows for a strong connection is because you see a human in a video.
By using video you’re giving your brand a personality and you’re easily able to communicate what your brand is all about just by having a face and somebody’s voice. Instead of having your audience read your content, when you use video you are adding a human element or a personal touch, and in this age of technology, people crave that authentic human experience.
Creating video is a key in 2021

Expand Your Reach With Video in 2022

Another great reason why you need to be using video and making it a priority in your marketing strategy in 2022 is because it widens your reach. Adding more content allows you to have a higher chance of connecting with your target audience, and people that you might not normally reach.
By adding video and using platforms like YouTube or Tik Tik or using the features on Instagram like reels, or IGTV, you’re allowing yourself to have free access to millions of people and that is really amazing.
If you find that you just are not connecting with the audience that you already have and you want to expand a little bit more and get your content out in front of more people, video needs to be your number one priority. Start making YouTube videos, jump on Tik Tok, and use the power of video to its fullest potential.
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