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New year marketing tips

We are three weeks into the new year, are you making progress on your marketing goals? No matter how you answered that question, use our new year marketing tips to help you grow your business this year.

New Year Marketing Tips

Partner with a local business for a giveaway 

Creating a giveaway is a great way to reach new people. With all the lockdown and new COVID-19 rules, local business are hurting in a major way. A great marketing idea that you can use for your business, is creating different giveaways with local business. You will be able to grow your audience while, helping local businesses.

Be real, be honest

Authenticity is huge in 2022. People, including your customers and clients, want brands to be more real. Take time to brainstorm ways that you can use your content to show a more honest and vulnerable side of your business. You don’t need to be this untouchable brand, you need to be real.

Refocus your branding 

Creating a successful brand is the key to a strong marketing strategy. When you have a clear brand, your audience can understand who you are, what your values are, and how you can help meet their needs, which in turn creates either a positive or negative experience for them.

Our new year marketing tip for you to try is to take some time to refocus your brand. Is your brand representing your business well? Which areas of your brand strategy need to be changed or clarified?

Tell a story with your marketing

When creating engaging content or engaging social media posts try to integrate your brand story into each piece of content you produce. This new year marketing tip, encourages you to focus on showing your audience who your brand is by using content.

Studies have shown that when a customer can connect with a company’s story, they are more likely to engage with their content, trust the brand and purchase their products and services. Try to create stories that are easy to connect to, expose human weakness and encourage strength.

A great place to start to is to write out how your product or service benefits others. Instead of just stating “our product does this”, write out how it transforms your customer’s life. Like a real story, use descriptive language, and make sure it has a beginning, middle and end. Once you have your story retell it in every piece of content you create.

We hope that these new year marketing tips help you with your content marketing. If you need more help, work with our marketing agency. Click here to book a consultation now.

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