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How To Write More Engaging Captions For Instagram

write more engaging captions for Instagram
Even though Instagram is a visual platform, your IG captions should not be overlooked. In order to create good Instagram posts that allow your audience to connect with your content, you need to have both high-quality images or videos and engaging captions for Instagram.
By taking the time to create good captions you are increasing the likelihood that your followers will engage with your content and develop a stronger connection to your brand. Here are some tips to help you create better captions for Instagram.

How To Write More Engaging Captions For Instagram


1. Align with your brand

One of the most important things that you can and should do for your business is to create a full brand strategy. After you have determined exactly what your brand is about, every Instagram caption you create, no matter if you are posting long or short Instagram captions, needs to be aligned with your brand message. If you are posting content that is not aligned with your brand, you are going to make it confusing for your audience and they are going to have a hard time connecting to your business.

2. Tell a story for more engaging captions 

When in doubt, use your captions for Instagram to tell a story. At its core, content marketing is simply storytelling. So if you are having a hard time creating captions that resonate with your clients, then take some time to brainstorm some stories you can that align with your brand.
Maybe you could write about why you are passionate about your niche, or how you got started in your field. Share about a transformation you had or a challenge that you overcame. Just remember to keep it authentic, be true to your brand, and pick a story that is relatable to your followers.

3. Inspire, educate or entertain

One great way to increase your Instagram engagement rate with captions is to provide value to your audience. When you are creating your captions, think about ways that you can either inspire, educate or entertain your audience.
By creating captions for Instagram that inspire, educate or entertain, you are giving your audience something they can connect with which makes them more likely to engage with your content.

4. Always add a call to action

Every Instagram caption you write needs to have a call to action. Adding a simple call to action can help direct your audience to engage with your content in a way that you would like. It may seem very simple, but sometimes all you have to do to increase your engagement is to ask for it.
Examples of call to actions:
Click the link in my bio for…
Tag someone who….
Save this post for later.
Watch my story to see…
If you start adding these four tips to your Instagram strategy and stay consistent with them, we know that you will start seeing some more engagement on your Instagram account. If you need more help with your social media, work with one of our team members today. Click here to book your free one-on-one consultation.


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