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5 Tips For Creating Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Create your holiday marketing campaigns
The holiday season is upon us, which means that it is time to start creating our holiday marketing campaigns. The holidays have been used for years to help companies of all sizes grow their businesses and increase sales.
Even though this year the holiday season might look and feel different, there is still a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalize during the holiday season. Here are five tips to help you create better holiday marketing campaigns, that will allow you to have full-blown success this holiday season.

1. Create a holiday marketing campaign.

When I say holiday marketing campaign I mean an actual detailed plan that specifically targeted for one event or to highlight one product. In this case, our campaigns are going to be each individual holiday. No matter what your business is, you want to create your own unique marketing strategy for each holiday.
Write out everything that you are going to create a successful holiday campaign i.e. your goals, what you going to do to create content, what you going to do to promote that content, and how you’re going to really connect with your audience this holiday season.

2. Start early.

Ideally, you wanted to start your holiday marketing campaigns yesterday. That might sound extreme, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Pinterest reported that users were searching for holiday content in April this year. This year has been really stressful for people, and planning holidays is a great way to distract people and give them hope. Get your holiday content out there so that your audience can use your content, products and services to help them beat the overwhelm this holiday season instead of your competitors.

3. Use big companies as examples.

Just because we’re dealing with digital marketing and we’re creating campaigns based on the digital world, doesn’t mean that you only need to find inspiration from other people’s digital content.
Huge businesses that have been around forever have been creating holiday marketing campaigns since the beginning of time. From print magazines to TV commercials and radio commercials, people have always been using the holidays to promote their businesses. If you’re feeling stuck, and you need some inspiration, take a look at successful companies have done in the past.

4. Go big on the holiday spirit

People love holiday spirit, so get into it. Decor your brick and motor store and your online presence. Maybe you add a feature slide on your website that is dedicated to each holiday, or you add holiday graphics and texts to your newsletter.
Holiday spirit inspires people and makes them feel go. So when you are creating your holiday campaigns, no matter if it is your Halloween campaign or Christmas marketing campaign, make sure that you have some fun and you get into the holiday spirit.

5. Create interactive content.

This last tip is actually useful for any marketing strategy you build. When you create content you want to be creating content that is interactive. A popular form of interactive content that works well for the holidays is giveaways. People love giveaways!
For your Christmas marketing campaign, you could do 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, or you could do a trick or treat kind of giveaway for Halloween. You could also create an interactive ebook, graphic, survey, poll, or you can host a webinar that is holiday-based. Really what your goal should be is to create anything that can help your clients and customers engage with your content.
Those are our five top tips for creating holiday campaigns. If you have any questions or need help marketing be sure to reach out to us.


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