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Why You Should Be Using Clubhouse For Business

why us clubhouse for business
Continuing with our social media discovery series, today we are talking about Clubhouse and more specifically why you should be using Clubhouse for business marketing.
As we discussed in the past blogs for this series, not all social media platforms are created equally, and all of the platforms are not ideal for every company’s social media strategy.
As a marketing agency, that specialize in social media management, we are here to help you discover what platforms are perfect for your audience and brand.
Is Clubhouse the perfect app for you to use to market your business? Let’s find out!

What is Clubhouse?

For those of you who do not know, Clubhouse is a drop in audio app, where members can host “rooms” aka conversations on certain topics. There is no texting, precordings or sharing photos and videos. Besides your profile, all communicating is done through live, audio only.
The app is all about live conversation, not static content. Some users describe the app as a mix between a podcast and audio zoom meeting.
Users can connect with others through the art of conversation. The app currently has a club or room for almost every topic under the sun, making it appealing to brands of all genres.
Use Clubhouse to market your business
Clubhouse Stats
  • Clubhouse has about 10 million weekly users.
  • It’s growing fast, on February 1, 2021, Clubhouse had been downloaded 3.5 million times. By February 16, 2021, that number was 8.1 million.
  • The company has around a dozen employees and is valued at 1 billion USD.

Why you should be using Clubhouse for business


1. Networking

One of the biggest reasons to join Clubhouse and to use Clubhouse for business marketing is so you can network with like minds. The app makes it very easy to connect with others in your field and helps you to show off your services and knowledge with others.
Networking is a huge when it comes to marketing your brand. Using Clubhouse for marketing can help you to expand your contact list and make important connections.

2. Building your community

Not only is using Clubhouse for marketing a great way for making new business friends and updating your contact list, another great reason to use Clubhouse for business is to build a community around your brand.
Show your expertise.
By creating your own rooms and hosting your own conversations on Clubhouse, you can easily show people that you have valuable information to give. By showing off your expertise, people will start to see you as an expert and start trusting you.
Building that trust is a must for selling in the digital world that we live in.
A new way to communicate with your audience.
Clubhouse is very different from other social media platforms. It is all voice to voice communication, which tends to be a little more personal. Instead of only letting your community interact with you through pre-record videos, photos and text, offer them a more personal way. Offer them Clubhouse.
Showing a more personal and real side to your business through your Clubhouse is another great way to connect to your audience and build that trust that is going to turn them into loyal followers and buyers.
Clubhouse can be a powerful marketing tool 

3. Learn and grow

The last reason why you should be using Clubhouse for business is because it helps you to learn and grow. There are some amazing people, large business owners, celebrities, tycoons etc, who are using the platform regularly. Give them a follow and join their rooms, and take in the knowledge that they are offering.
If you want to grow in your field, find rooms, big or small and join the conversation. Ask your questions, take notes and learn from others.
Now that you have learned how to use Clubhouse for business, are you going to be joining the app and adding Clubhouse to your marketing plan? Let us know!
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