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When it comes to a social media content plan having a content calendar is one of the most helpful tools you can have. By taking the time to set up your content calendar you not only save yourself time, but you also allow yourself to be organized and have a great foundation for your social media marketing.
Ready to start creating you own social media content calendar? Follow our steps below and learn how to create a content calendar.

How To Create A Content Calendar For Social Media


1. Find a Calendar

The first step to creating your content calendar for social media is to find a calendar. You can go out and buy a paper calendar, create a spreadsheet, or you can create a digital calendar using a tool, like Canva.
You could also use content calendar apps like Hootsuite content calendar, Tailwind, and Later, that allow you to schedule your posts and automatically posts them for you.
It doesn’t matter if you choose a paper calendar or digital calendar. The most important thing is that you pick one that you are comfortable with using.

2. Find what time you should post at

Using the analytics features on your business accounts, take a look and see when the recommended time for you to post your content is. You can figure this out by viewing the details about your audience, and seeing what time they are most active.
If you have a personal account, or are new to social media and don’t have a lot of information to go off of, run some tests. Try posting at different times of day for one or two weeks and see which posts have a higher engagement rate.
Once you know what time you should be posting at, make a note on your social media content calendar to post at that time.
Pro tip: the best time to post for each day and each platform might be different. Your number one goal should be finding the best times for each platform you are posting on.

3. Colour code

A great way to stay organized while creating a content calendar is to colour code your content. You can create a colour code system based off of the theme of the post or the type of content that you are creating.

4. Come up with educational, inspiring and entertaining posts

Once you have your social media content calendar basics set up (steps 1-3), it is time to fill it in with your main content. Write out what content you will post, what platform you are using and at what time.
One great way to increase your Instagram engagement rate is to provide value to your audience. When you are creating your captions, think about ways that you can either inspire, educate or entertain your audience.
By creating captions for social media that inspire, educate or entertain, you are giving your audience something they can connect with which makes them more likely to engage with your content.

5. Holidays and national days you want to participate in

After you write in your main content take a look at what holidays and national day (such as donut day, pizza day, puppy day etc.) are coming up that month that you want to participate in. These national days can make for some creative social media calendar ideas.
Pro tip: you don’t have to post about every random national day that there is. Choose ones that align with who you are as a brand.

Bonus tips

Batch create

Batch create, batch create and batch create some more! Taking the time to create all of your posts for a month is one of the best ways to help yourself stay consistent with social media marketing. By batch creating you will be able to schedule your posts in advance and have more time to run your business, work with clients and focus on other marketing strategies. This tip can be a lifesaver, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are running their marketing department on their own.
Be flexible
While it is important to stick to your social media content calendar, you might find that every once in a while you have to make some changes halfway through your month. That’s ok! Be a little flexible and allow yourself to make any changes to your plan that are necessary.
Now that you know how to create a content calendar for social media, check out our other blog posts 5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing and How To Write More Engaging Captions For Instagram. Do you need more help creating your content calendar? Would you like to see more content calendar examples? Book a one-on-one consultation and ask us about our social media services.


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