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Why you should be using TikTok for business.
Over the past year and a half, we have seen a huge interest and desire for short videos. TikToks and Reels seem to be taking over our social feeds. Which means it is time for your to come up with some creative TikTok Ideas for your marketing. 
When TikTok first launched we heard a lot of rumours that it was just a fad and that the TikTok fever would fade in a few months. Fast forward to today, and TikTok is currently the 5th largest social media platform in the world, with an average of 689 million active users each month.
With the high demand for TikTok and other social platforms, like Instagram, creating similar features, it is a great opportunity for your business to reach a new audience and leverage this content trend.
If you are struggling to come up with TikTok ideas, here are some creative TikTok ideas to go viral.

Creative TikTok Ideas To Go Viral


1. Check what is trending

The first thing you want to do when you are brainstorming new TikTok ideas is to check out what is trending on the platform. Take a few minutes to scroll through TikTok and see what videos are currently very popular.
Take a look at some TikTok influencers and see which of their videos get the most views.
Jump on to Google and search what TikTok videos are trending.
After all your research, pick the trend that interests you the most and create your own version of that trend.
The only thing to remember is that trends don’t last forever. If you find a trend that interests you, act fast. Create your video and get it out there before the trend is over.

2. Entertain your audience

If you spend time of TikTok, you know that one of the most common themes on TikTok is humorous videos.
People want to be entertained. They want to watch a 30 second video that makes them laugh and share it with their family and friends to make them laugh.
When you are coming up with ideas for videos, focus on being entertaining and finding ways to add humour into your content.
Make coming up with funny TikTok ideas your biggest priority.

3. Create content that inspires

Inspiring videos also tend to be very effective on TikTok. People love to hear an inspiring story. They love to support a brand that has overcome challenges or that is working to make the world a better place.
Focus on coming up with TikTok ideas that move people and make them feel inspired.

4. Create a tutorial.

Educational videos also tend to do well on TikTok. Creating a quick tutorial video is a great way to educate your audience on your product and services.
Speaking of educational posts, you could also try to create videos that educate your audience on various topics related to your brand.
For example, if you run a gym, you could create videos on what to wear to the gym, and go over the best clothing to wear for different types of workouts.

5. Hashtag challenge

As with other social platforms, hashtags are a cornerstone on TikTok for searching and sorting content. But hashtag challenges are especially popular on this platform.
TikTok always has new hashtag challenges and participating in them is a great way to engage with the TikTok community and also potentially get more views.
Another great creative TikTok idea is to try to start you own TikTok hashtag challenge and see if you can make it go viral.

6. Partner with an influencer

If you are really struggling to come up with creative TikTok ideas, hire influencers.
Working with influencers allows you to get good content made by someone else and gets your brand in front of more people.

7. Celebrate special occasions

Just like any other platform, creating content that is based off of holidays and special occasions is a great idea.
You can make videos for every holiday or to celebrate special occasions in your business such as your anniversary, employees birthdays, new product launches etc.
Now that you have a few creative TikTok ideas to get you started, it is time for you to start creating your own TikTok videos! Have fun!
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