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How To Create A Digital Marketing Resources List

Marketing is hard work, especially if you are doing it all on your own. The industry is always changing. Platforms are constantly making changes to how they operate, and new trends are always coming out. One of the most important marketing tips that we wish we could have learned earlier, is to create a list of digital marketing resources and tools.
Taking the time to make your master digital marketing resource list is going to be a huge life saver. Keep reading and learn why and how you should create your list.

Why should you have a list of go to digital marketing resources?

The biggest reason why you should take the time to create your digital marketing resources and tools list is so you always know where to go when you have a marketing question, need to create new content or need inspiration for new content.

How to set up your list of marketing resources and tools

When you create your list of digital marketing resources and tools, we recommend that you keep it in an online folder or print it out so that you always know where to find it.
Start by creating a list of resources that you can use to help you learn more about marketing and start up-to-date on social media and content marketing best practices.
Once you have your list of digital marketing resources, take time to create a list of tools that you can use to help you create the best content. Apps, websites, your favourite photographer etc. should all be on this list.
Don’t forget that you can and should always be updating your lists.

Marketing tools and resources that we love:

1. Canva

One of our all time favourite websites that we use to create all types of content is Canva. This site has templates that you can use or make changes to. You can use the site for free, but for only $16 you can get the pro version and we think it is worth it.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Content might be king, but the king of creating content platforms is the Adobe Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud might be higher in price, but all of Adobes programs are professional programs and will allow you to create high quality content, once you learn how to use them.

3. Our blog and social media

Another great resource that we love is our blog and social media account. We are so passionate about all things marketing. If you ever need inspiration or marketing advice, take a look at our blog and stop by our Instagram.
Digital marketing resource and tools list

4. Hubspot blog

Hubspot is one of our top resources when it comes to learning about new marketing trends and how to best handle the wild world of content marketing. They write about all things you marketing, and have a lot of great advice.

5. Later

Later is one of our favourite scheduling programs, that helps you schedule your social media posts in advance. They have a very helpful blog, we recommend signing up for their newsletter and getting to see their blogs as soon as they are posted.

6. Quik by GoPro

Quik is a video editing app, that allows you to create vertical and horizontal videos right from your phone. You can use their transitions and styles and add music.

We hope this blog helps you to create your own lists. If you need marketing help please contact us now.


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